I’ve been feeling for a long time that I should be doing something positive in the world. That my work should be useful to others, and be helpful. I started considering alternate paths, and then a few weeks ago I got what I consider to be a sign. It came in the form of an email offering a fellowship opportunity for a Masters program. The subject area happens to be something that both inspires me and makes me feel whole, needed, useful, and helpful.

Suddenly it seemed obvious that this was what I’m meant to do.

I’m applying to graduate school after 15 years since my bachelor’s degree, and I need to write a personal statement. I suppose that I’m trying to redefine myself; to give myself a new start. How do I integrate the Now Me with the Me I want to Be? How do I fit that into 3 pages, double spaced? How can I convey my passion without sounding insincere? How can I translate my ramblings into cohesive, structured sentences?

I found this motivational picture online and am I trying to embrace this as my new motto.